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Our Story

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Keith Praizler opened the doors of KP Design & Construction,Inc.15 years ago, setting up shop in his hometown. He developed a tight crew of skilled workers and grew his business and his reputation. And by 2018, Keith needed to hire a designated sales person. 

Debbie Midling, coming from a sales management position in Corporate America, was uniquely qualified for the job; she also knew how to do all phases of construction. Bringing with her years of experience in management, public relations and marketing, as well as graphic design, desktop publishing and webdesign. 

In the heart of Chico’s transformative journey, KP Design & Construction, inc. laid the groundwork for growth seven years ago. Despite the challenges brought by the Campfire, KP Design emerged, extending its reach into the community. Post-Campfire, our mission evolved, guiding countless individuals in transforming their temporary homes into cherished spaces.

As we navigated the complexities of 2020, KP Design stood resilient, deemed an essential service. We expanded our services to fill our clients' needs. KP was evolving, as was our community. In 2023 KP Design & Construction, Inc. strategically planned for growth and a new role in the community. 

About KP Design & Construction


See It All

KP Design emerged in 2024 as a Project Management Company with an in-house construction department. We have a hand-selected team, aligned with our vision, and we are more than a Project Management core – we are a creative collaborative. Inspired by the shared experiences of recent years, our expansion aimed to address community needs, fostering a collective spirit bound by shared experiences and a common desire to uplift one another.

Our Backoffice Services, an integral part of this expansion, is tailored to meet client needs throughout the project phases. Acknowledging the challenges faced by clients, we provide comprehensive access from conceptualization to construction and beyond. As a full-service project management company, we go beyond traditional roles, offering services like interior design build-out, web design, and branding.

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In this evolving landscape, KP Design and Construction isn’t just a company; we’re a collective force dedicated to shaping Chico’s future, one thoughtful project at a time.

The Crew

Meet the backbone of KP Design & Construction - our expert construction crew. Comprising skilled professionals with diverse expertise, our team is committed to excellence in every aspect of your project. Beyond their technical proficiency, our crew prioritizes cleanliness, ensuring a tidy and organized project. Communication is at the core of our approach, with the team dedicated to transparent and regular updates, ensuring you're well-informed at every step. Their collective desire is clear: to contribute to the seamless flow of your project, embodying a commitment to quality, clarity, and a smooth construction journey. 


The Project Managers

Introducing our Project Management team at KP Design & Construction - the orchestrators of your project's success. These managers are meticulously detail-oriented, ensuring no aspect escapes their attention in the pursuit of perfection. Beyond their keen eye for detail, they bring a wealth of experience and strategic thinking to the table. Our project managers excel in navigating complexities, fostering clear communication channels, and proactively addressing challenges. With a commitment to excellence, they go above and beyond to make your project remarkable. Trust our Project Management team to turn your vision into a seamlessly executed reality, with attention to detail and a passion to Live by Design

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