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Daily Logs

Walking through the basics of our online Buildertrend system, where you will have direct access to project management tools such as daily logs, your full project schedule, be able to easily communicate with project managers, and submit change orders! 

Client drop down menu, with daily logs option highlighted

At the top of the page, select Project Management and a drop-down list will appear. In this list you can find and click on Daily Logs.

Screenshot of daily logs page in Buildertrend

On the daily logs page, you will be able to view all updates and progress reports on your job, including the date they were made highlighted in blue, along with a title and short description underneath. Along with viewing the daily log, you have the ability to comment on any log with the blue add a comment button at the bottom of each log entry. Our team will be notified of these comments immediately and help address your questions or concerns!

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