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Welcome to Live by Design Foundations, where we're all about making school culture something you design, not just follow. We're flipping the script and creating a vibe that's uniquely ours.

High School Friends

Ever thought about a career in the construction trades? We've got the scoop on vocational schools and internships that can kickstart your journey if that's your vibe. Forget the ordinary - it's time to design your extraordinary path! Join us in embracing a culture that's not just about challenges but also about opportunities. Let's build together, learn together, and design a life that rocks!

At Live by Design Foundations, we're not just talking about textbooks and tests. We're talking about building character, developing intuitive thinking, and crafting the life you want, starting now! Imagine having your own Creative Collaborative to help you design a future that excites you. It's like building your own personal skyscraper of success!

Click below if you are interested in finding out more about Foundations!

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