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Choose KP Design and Construction for a full-service commercial experience, where every detail contributes to the success and growth of your business!


(Pre-Construction Phase)

1. Redesign:

• Transforming and revitalizing commercial space for enhanced functionality and aesthetics.

2. Functional Workspace Design:

• Crafting work environments that optimize productivity and employee satisfaction.

3. Organization:

• Implementing efficient organizational systems for seamless business operations.

4. Customized Structure:

• Tailoring architectural elements to suit the unique needs of your business.

5. In-Depth Analysis:

• Comprehensive assessment of your commercial space to identify improvement opportunities.

6. Business Analytics:

• Analyzing your business needs and integrating them into the design process.

7. Business Planning:

• Strategic planning to align your commercial space with your business objectives.



(Construction Phase)

8. Branding:

• Developing a cohesive brand identity that resonates with your company values.

9. Marketing and Logos:

• Crafting compelling marketing materials and logos that leave a lasting impression.

10. Design of Letterhead and Branding:

• Creating a professional and branded stationery for your business.

11. Repurpose Space:

• Transforming underutilized areas into functional spaces to maximize efficiency.

12. KP Construction:

• Leveraging KP Construction expertise for robust and reliable commercial builds.

13. Custom Design and Build:

• Tailoring every aspect of your commercial project to meet your specific requirements.

14. Staging and Interior Design:

• Enhancing commercial spaces for a polished and inviting appearance.


(Post-Construction Phase)

15. Website:

• Developing a user-friendly and visually appealing website to showcase your business.

16. Marketing and Public Relations:

• Implementing strategies to enhance your business visibility and reputation.

17. In-House Teams:

• Building and optimizing in-house teams for sustained business growth.

18. Airbnb Conversions:

• Transforming commercial spaces for Airbnb use, maximizing potential revenue.

19. Construction List Remodel:

• Ongoing maintenance and remodeling services for sustained commercial excellence.

20. Home Care, Interior Design, Basement and Garage Conversions:

• Extending services to cover various aspects, ensuring a comprehensive commercial space transformation.

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